Aftercare Instructions


1. Leave your bandage on for 5-6 hours.

2. When you remove your bandage clean well with your fingertips, warm water, and liquid antibacterial soap.

3. Towel dry and leave open to the air for 10 minutes.

4. With your fingertips apply a small amount of Vitamin A&D ointment. With a clean papter towel dab your tattoo until all the ointment is gone( til no longer sticky or shiny.)

5. Do steps 2, 3, and 4 three times daily for four days.

6. After the fourth day wash when you shower and apply good hand lotion 3-7 times a day until your tattoo is healed. Lotion should be scent and dye free. Average healing time is two weeks.


Pick or scratch at your tattoo until it is fully healed. Doing so could pull out the color from your tattoo.


Soak your tattoo in any water until it is fully healed. Showering is encouraged but no swimming, baths, or prolonged soaking.


Listen to your friends or bar patrons. Most people give improper if not crazy care advice.

** If you have any aftercare questions feel free to contact your artists, he or she will be glad to answer and questions you may have.